The LS9 element is an over extended and extremely powerful high output module that exceeds all the expectations of how a Line-Source should sound. It is an 4-way system with a operating frequency bandwidth from 32Hz to 20Khz. This response is lowered down to 28Hz with the addition of the NEX21 or SB221 Subwoofers.

LS9 features Two 18” LF drivers in a Bandpass tuned enclosure, four 8" back sealed stand alone medium drivers and three 1.5” compression driver coupled to our patented (Elliptic Plane Progression isophasic Coupler) (Eppic®) waveguide for HF reproduction. The coplanar transducer configuration generates a symmetric horizontal coverage of 100º without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range. The 4-point rigging system is fully integrated into the LS9 cabinet allowing up to 24 elements to be flown in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

The LS9 comes pre-wired, complete with rigging hardware, power and control electronics and delivered in road Bags.

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Technical Info

Usable Bandwidth: 32 Hz - 20 KHz
Nominal Directivity: 100° Horizontal
SPL: 1W/1m LF: 101 dB1W/1m MF: 104 dB1W/1m HF: 112 dB
Maximum Continuous SPL: 130 dB
Power Handling: 3500 W RMS


MF: 4 x 8
HF: 3 x 1,5


angles from 0° to 10° in 1° linear step increment

Physical Data

Width: 1500 mm

Height: 490 mm

Depth: 816 mm

Weight: 145,5 Kg

Material: baltic birch plywood

Connections: 2 x 8 pin speakon